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Install Windows using Boot Camp for macOS High Sierra and earlier
Transform/Convert Windows 7/8/8.1/10 into Mac Os X Sierra! 😱 2017!

Or you may have an operating system with a customized desktop. First read through the instructions for Windows and then Mac and attempt to identify the steps which work with your computer. In the example above the version of Mac OS X is To lookup the OS name for each version number like ' Every comment submitted here is read by a human but we do not reply to specific technical questions. For technical support post a question to the community. User Help. Site Search User. Email Appliance. Tweets by SophosSupport. Boot Camp software from Apple shook up the computing public upon its apocalyptic arrival in April Boot Camp graduated from beta, or near-finished, status with the arrival of Leopard.

Boot Camp Assistant software is stored in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder. Boot Camp itself is free.

2. Mac computers are easier to get repaired.

Consult Apple support to see which Mac models are compatible with which versions of Windows. Windows 8 and Windows 8. To install Windows 8 via Boot Camp, you still must have a legitimate Windows 8 license from Microsoft and a Win8 installation disc, assuming that you have an optical drive. Run Boot Camp Assistant in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder to make sure that you have the latest firmware on your computer and to install any support software from Apple that you might need.

Swiping from the left edge of the pad lets you switch between applications, while swiping from the right displays the Charms menu with shortcuts for Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings. Swiping from the top or bottom edge shows you the options for a given app.

Unsupported operating system error when installing Office

When using a mouse, users hover over the top left corner to switch applications; hover in the top right corner and then pull the cursor down to show the Charms menu. Scrolling left and right is handled via scroll bars for now on the mouse, and two fingers on the touchpad. Windows 8 will support traditional multitouch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, which engages semantic zoom on the Start screen, as well as rotate. Other gestures will be coming, but a lot of it will depend on what touchpad-makers decide to implement along with their partners.

Mountain Lion introduces one nifty new gesture. You can swipe between Web pages in Safari with two fingers, swipe between full-screen apps with three fingers and swipe up with four fingers to launch Mission Control. Pinching with your thumb and three fingers activates Launchpad, while spreading your thumb and three fingers shows the desktop. Based on what we know now, Windows 8 will be better than Windows 7 when it comes to touchpad gestures.

However, multitasking and activating the Charms menu requires more effort with a mouse. Plus, unless Microsoft changes the way OEMs build their systems, the reliability and accuracy of touchpads will continue to vary wildly from one system to the next.

Windows 8 vs Mac OS X Mountain Lion head-to-head review

Mountain Lion adds only one new gesture, but Apple was already offering a superior experience. With a flick of your finger from the left side of the touchpad, you can switch applications in the blink of an eye. In Metro mode, you can also dock an app to the left or right side of the screen so you can see two programs side by side. However, to see multiple open apps at once, Windows 8 forces you to swipe from the edge, then go back toward the edge to show a thumbnail view.

In the former environment, you can dock an app in only two sizes: one-third of the screen or two-thirds.

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In desktop mode, you can snap two windows next to each other at the same size or re-size them as you wish. This feature gives you a birds-eye view of open apps. Why segregate them? For example, the Email tile will tell you how many messages you have waiting. Right now, the list is limited to six apps, including Internet Explorer, Messaging and Xbox Live, but developers will also be able to plug into this system.

1. Macs are easier to buy.

Windows 8 gives you a fair amount of control over notifications. You can turn them on or off or toggle them for specific apps within the settings menu.

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Similar to iOS, the new Notification Center stores all your alerts, from calendar appointments and Game Center invitations to mail and App Store updates, in one list. To reveal your notifications, swipe from the right edge. You can also click a circle in the top right corner to see your alerts. As for customizing notifications, Mountain Lion gives you even more flexibility than Windows 8.

You can choose the alert style, how many alerts you want to show in Notification Center at one time, and whether to play a sound when notifications come in. Mountain Lion even lets you customize the order in which alerts appear based on the app. Finally, a Do Not Disturb switch silences all alerts. One of our favorite features of Windows 8 is that you can start searching from the Start screen by typing on the keyboard. By default, Windows 8 will display app search results first, but in the right column, you can click again on any number of options to drill down.

You can pull up results from settings and files with a click, or search within apps, such as Internet Explorer for a Web search, or the Music app for a particular artist. Windows 8 also lets you search within an app while you have it open. Just open the Charms menu and tap search. The Spotlight functionality in Mountain Lion works the same as it did before.

Install Windows using Boot Camp for macOS High Sierra and earlier

You click the looking glass icon in the top right corner to search. Spotlight also lets you drag results right out of this menu and drop them into another app. For instance, you can drag and drop a photo onto the Mail icon in the dock to send a message with that attachment pre-populated.

How to Access Your Mac Data From a Windows 8 PC

Windows 8 lets you start searching faster, but Mountain Lion makes it easier to sort through your results without multiple clicks, and you can do more with those results with less effort. So when you sign in to another PC, your personalized Windows 8 experience travels with you. This includes your contacts, which reside in the People app.

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