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Want to format an external hard drive for Mac and Windows PC? Do you know how to do this work easily? This post will show you specific methods to make external hard drive compatible with Mac and PC, which are easy and safe to complete. As we know, external hard drives are widely used to backup data or interchange files among different computers.

Well, is there an external hard drive that could be shared between Mac and Windows PC? Of course, there is. Actually, most external hard disks could be compatible with Mac and PC as long as you format them correctly. To put it simply, if you want to share external hard drive between Mac and PC, you need to format an external hard drive for Mac and PC. As long as we format the external hard drive to one of these 2 file systems, it can be shared between Mac and Windows.

Can a Single External Hard Drive Work on Both Mac and PC?

If your external drive saves files larger than 4GB or you plan to save larger files to this drive, converting to FAT32 is not recommended. Of course, there is free partition manager that can help create a FAT32 volume up to 2TB, which also functions correctly.

Nevertheless, a lot of users complained that exFAT is slow, and they highly suggest using FAT32 if you can avoid file size constraints. They work well and they have better performance than the free solutions which will be mentioned in the following part. MiniTool Partition Wizard is one representative. But, this solution is slower relatively.

And the automatically mounting NTFS partitions in read-write mode can be a security risk for your Mac computer. Usually, it is disabled by default and needs some messing around in the Mac terminal to enable it. For example, it had corrupted data before. Here, we recommend using the paid third-party tools since they are easy-to-use and can do good work for you. Click to tweet. It offers a day free trial. If you want to use it all the time, you need to pay for it. Additionally, it can mount partitions automatically and safely.

More importantly, it can code with the potential corruption. Thus, your Mac is in danger when using this driver. However, you can use it to manually mount NTFS partitions in read-write mode if you never mind using the Terminal. This will be safer, but you need to do more work. These are now found on all modern PCs, and Macs. This is the fastest external storage connection there is, and it provides very fast data transfer speeds, though Thunderbolt storage is considerably more expensive than plain old USB.

If you're in the market for a new laptop, don't miss our post on the best laptops for graphic design. Amazon Prime Day is officially over, but there are still some great deals to be had. Here are the best external hard drive deals today Perfect for providing extra storage for your ever-growing collection of large files.

How to format an external hard drive for Mac and PC?

View Deal. When it comes to the best external hard drives, look no further than the Western Digital My Passport range. This is the latest model to have launched, coming in sizes from 1TB to 4TB. It also offers top data transfer speeds. And while it doesn't quite offer a similar speed to solid state drive devices, the Western Digital My Passport range hits a brilliant balance between high storage capacities and quick file transfers without knocking the price way up.

External SSDs may cost considerably more than hard disks, but the extra money and faster speeds go a long way. The downside is the pricing. There's an HDMI 2. Expect to pay a small fortune for the largest capacities, but thanks to the easy drive removal system, you could always buy a cheaper, lower capacity G-RAID and upgrade it with off-the-shelf hard disks yourself. If you want to make use of your Thunderbolt port, then this Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is a great option, as it provides twice the speeds of standard USB 3.

Can I Back up a Mac & PC Data to the Same Hard Drive?

It's also not especially expensive compared to other Thunderbolt drives. This is mainly down to the fact that it's a traditional hard drive, not an SSD, which means it's not quite as fast as it could be — though it will still give you an upgrade to your transfer speeds. Unless every file you plan to store on the disk is less than 4GB in size, though, you may be better off avoiding this method, instead opting for the more storage-efficient, reliable, and secure NTFS and Mac OS Extended file systems.

Note: Formatting a drive will erase all the content on it. Step 1 : On Windows 10, locate Cortana on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and search Create and format hard disk partitions.

Moving Files from a PC to a Mac Using an External Hard Drive

Typically, when you buy an external hard drive it will be formatted out of the box. This will prompt a new window asking you to select a partition style for your disk. This will initiate the New Simple Volume Wizard. The volume is the same as a partition. After proceeding to the next page, select the file system exFat and keep the allocation unit size at the default.

As a standard user, Microsoft advises against changing the allocation unit size.

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Step 5 : On the next page, make sure everything is correct and select Finish. Now repeat this process for Windows. As far as partitioning goes, Macs have it a little bit easier. Step 1 : To start, your first step will be to find Disk Utility. The easiest way to access Disk Utility is by searching for it in Spotlight Search in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Step 2 : With Disk Utility open, locate the hard drive you want to partition and select Partition. In the Partition Information category, specify the name and size of each partition.

Unlike the older FAT32 format, however, ExFAT allows for the storage of files up to 16 exabytes which equates to about 16 million terabytes! You can review our Windows section for more information about this process. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Shadow: Which is worth your hard-earned money? Don't Miss.

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