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Tested it myself to see if the detection was accurate and very happy it does. I rarely write reveiws but, this is an awesome plugin!


I have about 15 yrs of production and mixing experience. I use Cubase I'm not having latency issues, and the cpu usage is minimal. Pros : The plugin reads the Key and Chords of single instruments very well.

For example, a rhodes piano. However, it struggles to read loops with multiple instruments playing different notes. There could be a number of reasons relating to theory why this is happening. Cons: The BPM is not accurate at all.

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Luckily Cubase has a BPM calculator. All in all this is an excellent plugin at an amazing price! Bought it and disliked it. The note-detection is simply useless and what's worth is that I am now waiting for 2 weeks that hornet plugins even replies to my request to refund me. Cannot recommend. The plugin is unusable for me due to an issue that cause Cubase Pro to blacklist it when I try to reinstate the plugin as recommended by HorNet support the plugin crashes both Cubase Pro I cannot recommend buying this plugin at this time due to bon going issue.

I want to like this plugin, but I cannot use it in Ableton Live I've tried to use it in Maschine, but it does not even show up on my plugins list. I downloaded the Songkey MK3 3. I have cleared, caches, re-installed Ableton Live, and it still does not work. I cannot believe that I purchased a pluginMay that is still unusable as I write this July I am very disappointed that more has not been done to resolve this issue; there are others who are having the same issues, HoRNet has great plugins- I just cannot recommend Songkey MK3 to anyone at this time until it is fully fixed!

Latest version 3. Latest update 3. Toggling settings within plugin makes it functional again but it was before update without modifying anything. Leaving 4 stars because plugin is hit or miss with key detection and BPM is never accurate but otherwise very useful, better window scaling has been implemented, and of course a great price. Still would recommend to a buddy especially at a even better price than usual!! Patiently waiting on 3. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Spectrum analyzer and graphic EQ with auto tuning for a perfect sounding mix. Toggle navigation. SongKey MK3 3.

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Audio Units VST2. May 22, at am. Praxis Music says:. There's actually very little new science in there; I figured out how to build most of it just by reading a bundle of academic papers. Tunecrew PM - 26 September, Quote:. DJitalSneaky PM - 26 September, I'll give you some feedback, thanks for all the effort and making it open source first and formost. Please understand I'm just giving feedback here not complaining : 1. Would like to have the option to cancel operations one I start.

I had to kill the program to stop a miss-fire on my part 2. Custom key codes is nice. Maybe adding a Camelot wheel preset in that drop down box.

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Including myself 3. Would like to see the program be able to write to the 'initial key' tag in a music file. Serato reads this tag. Audio1 PM - 27 September, Pretty fresh stuff. You need capital and make this into a reality You are about to give MIK a run for their money. I couldn't test the tag stuff much. I almost exclusively use ALAC files, which don't have that tag according to the spec I think Serato writes to its database rather than the file itself in such cases.

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But it works well on MP3s. Let me know if you have any trouble. Too bad that you cant use the same keys as they use in mixed in key. You can of course type whatever you want in the Custom Key Codes preferences pane. You'll see odd boxes where you can type custom codes for the keys.

HoRNet SongKey MK3, chord tempo and key finder plugin

That way, you can set what's written to your files to something other than my "Abm" style tagging. Djstylez23 PM - 25 October, deejaysomething Wow, im so impressed with this program. Good job!! This prog is full of win. StreetFighta PM - 25 October, speaking of key detection, can anybody that mixes top40 link me to a mix fully done harmonically? I want to hear the difference from just a random mix to see if getting on the key detection train is worth it.

Djstylez23 PM - 25 October, Quote:. Djstylez23 AM - 26 October, Quote:. Might be a After starting the application I get the infamous: " The application KeyFinder quit unexpectedly. If you send it to the email on the KF page I should be able to check it out at the weekend. Of course, it might still be a Unfortunately I don't have anything other than Snow Leopard to test on.

Dj matty k AM - 26 October, Downloaded will give it a try Seems to be an issue with libav Maybe a corruption of your downloads? My web host is quite crap.

Why Duplicate Music Fixer?

But as WarpNote has discovered, it's probable that Leopard needs a different version of one of the core libraries anyway, so it might not work even if you had an uncorrupted file. Does anyone have this working on On Beatport all the right keys are inputed so I compared them to both programs to see which one was more accurate. They wouldn't tell me which software. Djstylez23 PM - 26 October, oh okay then my bad on that one, actually thought the artist were the ones that inputed the keys Won't be able to get home and test a different one for a day or so.

CrowdCTRL, djbanno, can you try another way of unzipping please? Then press return, to execute the command. It should unzip in your home folder, in theory. Please PM me the screendumps for reference. That does suggest my FTP client sucks, yeah.

song key finder software mac Song key finder software mac
song key finder software mac Song key finder software mac
song key finder software mac Song key finder software mac
song key finder software mac Song key finder software mac
song key finder software mac Song key finder software mac
song key finder software mac Song key finder software mac
song key finder software mac Song key finder software mac

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