Mac g4 tower wont power up

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You won't be able to see the ripple on the average multimeter.

Power-switch glitch hits some G4 Macs

Also note that computer hardware troubleshooting is a black art, and should only be practised by mages trained in this specialty. Re:Why haven't you tried replacing the powersupply Score: 3 , Informative. Re:Why haven't you tried replacing the powersupply Score: 2. I've reset the PMU -- it makes no difference. I've even taken it to the shop twice. Of course, it's always working by the time it gets there. I also have the new supposedly quieter power supply for the MDDs. I haven't installed it yet because I'm afraid to add another variable to the equation.

Their advice in the shop: buy AppleCare -- we can't find it, but it'll probably be back!

Re:Why haven't you tried replacing the powersupply Score: 5 , Informative. Everything is a tradeoff, ya know? Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:Why haven't you tried replacing the powersupply Score: 1. I stand happily corrected :- Still, it was an exotic standard, if an "official" one. Not sure what's different about ATI cards. And it's not as simple as just buying a part from Motorola, as the L2 backside cache is kept on the CPU module. You could get SCSI in them, but it was extra. As to this problem, it's most likely the motherboard.

I can't count how many G4 wind tunnel mobos I've replaced in the last year. The problem with the powersupplies is mostly due to them not responding to the mobos fan cycling, making the.

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Re:You're calling OpenFirmware propriatary? I realize that OF is an open standard. Several early motherboards that set the processor speed and core voltages in BIOS could be exploited in such a way that software on the system could also change the voltage and clock speed. Set the voltage another volt higher and the processer would be damaged. I don't know the exact mechanism that the motherboard manufacturers are u. Actually, the CIH [symantec. It wasn't "frying" it but it would corrupt the flash BIOS and therefore make the motherboard not bootup at all. I don't get viruses anymore.

PowerMac G4 M5183 Troubleshooting

They are all connected via Ethernet, all with high speed internet. The iMac is in the living room connected to the stereo for playing my MP3 library from a firewire drive, that once connected to any machine can mount on any other machine. I also listen to streaming radio stations.

It's so fun switching stations and tracks with the USB remote control! I connec. Too many hard drives? I've been looking to get a G4 rather than a G5 because of the large number of drive bays available in the G4 case video editing. Could it be that the power supply doesn't have enough power to spin up all the drives in your system simultaneously? If this is the case, TiVo hackers came up with a device to allow some of their units with less powerful hard drives to spin up two drives separately: the PTVupgrade SmartStart Power Supply Protector [9thtee.

I have not used this device myself yet in a TiVo or Mac, so I c. Re:Too many hard drives? Slightly OT, but if you're planning on getting a G4 over a G5 just because of internal drive expansion capability, you should think again. If you're capturing video from another firewire device say, digital camera or miniDV deck , the video will move directly accross the bus with less system overhead, resulting in a much more stable configuration. This is incorrect. Firewire mass storage doesn't talk to firewire video-- completely seperate protocols.

It requires CPU intervention to figure out where to write things on the disk, etc. All you'll succeed in doing this with recipe is increasing resource utilization on the firewire controller. I'm not entirely sure why, in part because I'm no system programmer, but you can go ahead and try it. Since this is a line we've been feeding our clients for a year now, some of my staff and I ran some crude benchmarks this morning always fun to do on a working saturday Ugh- as an electrical engineer, that smart start product looks dangerous. Two problems: 1. It ramps up voltages.

This usually isn't a good thing for digital logic - it means its going to spend some time at a marginal voltage level. Hopefully this ramp is fast. It sequences the seperate power supplies without sequencing the logic. When you've got something connected but not powered, the signal lines power the chip through protection diodes - the effect is that the IDE controller is trying to power the driv.

Power issue from motherboard Score: 3 , Informative. I have a G4 Dual mirrored drive door and had a similar problem.

How to Get to Boot Options Menu on Power Mac G4 | It Still Works

After numerous games, and since it was still under warranty, I brought it in. Four visits to my local Apple store later, it works.

Mac G4 Quicksilver power up problem - December - Forums - CNET

They replaced the power supply, memory, ram, processor, and finally after I demanded it, the motherboard or "main logic board" in Apple lingo. It was the motherboard. Turns out there's a known Apple TechNote on the mirrored drive door boxes that produces a power on, but unexpected results type problem.

Do what you can yourself. Go to an Apple store make it a road trip if there isn't one near you - I'm in NY, US so it wasn't a problem , walk up to the "Genius Bar" and make them work for their famed support reputation.

How To Fix a Power Mac G4 That Will Not Turn on

Be nice. Your warranty is an intangible and can be extended by the manufacturer if it is a known problem and you plead your case correctly.

This is usually related to a bit more than the power supply and is absolutely a known issue. Good luck. Chin up A little html goes a long way Score: 2.

  • Drive permission issues are likely causing the problem.
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Okay, maybe it's just because it's late at night and I'm feeling cranky, but is there any reason why you couldn't just make that URL a link. It's really simple. Re:Power issue from motherboard Score: 1. They could be s No matter, the thing throws digital audio around like a rag doll in Digital Performer and ProTools. It serves its purpose well. It sounds like you simply have a blown-out power supply. Of course, Apple has much tighter quality control, so this happens a lot less, but does happen nonetheless I've seen several iMacs and G4 towers with dead PSUs.

Power supplies can die due to manufacturing defects specifically cheap electrolytic capacitors , or due to bad power. If your building has bad power you probably don't even know it , the life of your power supply will be easily cut in half cons. Why doesn't apple just use standard ATX power supplies?

mac g4 tower wont power up Mac g4 tower wont power up
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mac g4 tower wont power up Mac g4 tower wont power up
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