Logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications

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They seem to be few and far between. The QuickCam Vision Pro is not cheap. The unit is a nice solid camera that has an easel like clip for mounting on a monitor, laptop, is resting on a counter surface. It has a camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and a built in microphone.

When I say you get what you pay for, I mean it. The picture quality on this unit is fantastic! I was blown away by the crispness and clarity of the image.


Of course, when talking over the internet the image quality will also depend on the connection speed on both ends. In addition to the great quality, the camera has autofocus, which quickly adjusts as you move the camera around. Audio quality is clear and crisp also. Like video, the quality on the other end of your conversation also depends on the connection speed on both ends. I can confirm this is true, as well as another problem where it fails to turn on if you keep making one recording after another — it's a pain and breaks your creative flow.

But that's annoying.

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Oh, if you're wondering, human support from Logitech is lacking, too. I've received no help on how if it's even possible to make the Vision Pro work adequately in Photo Booth.

Did I mention iMovie doesn't support it either? While the Vision Pro is usable, it gives me mixed feelings and has wasted a lot of my time. I'm not satisfied with my purchase. Buyer beware if you intend to do more than the most basic video chat, where cheaper webcams will perform fine. I looked at getting an original Firewire Apple iSight but they're even more expensive, and I've been wary of competitors like the aGent.

It appears there's a dearth of really excellent Mac webcams — if you know better, would you please recommend me and fellow WiseBread readers one? I'm so sad. Disclaimer: The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links. But they do not affect the actual opinions and recommendations of the authors. Wise Bread is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.

We need more reviews like this; I do my research too and I am always highly disappointed in a product that does not live up to my research or its descriptions. I just bought my first video camera a Flip Mino HD for a trip I just went on recently and everyone is impressed with it's quality and performance including me.

Not quite a web cam and I am sorry this one was clearly so horrible! I too have a diNovo Edge keyboard and agree that Logitech just gets some things right, this keyboard is one, the Z 5. I also had the Z's which were the previous model and were great too. You will see no flames coming from this corner my friend as I truely do appreciate an honest review when I see one.

What on Earth did you expect from such a cheap product? However, it seems that the main beef here is that there are not Mac drivers for this cheap camera. The reason for this would be that if you already spent twice the price of an equivalent PC getting a Mac, and you want to do high-end heavy-usage things with the camera, you have the money to get a camera that is designed for this from a company that markets their cameras for Mac users as something other than an afterthought. Why are cameras for Macs more expensive?

Mac users who are doing something other than Skype and iChat are artistic types who want to produce high-quality video, and anything with "web" in the product description isn't designed for this. Why aren't there Mac drivers for any number of hardware devices? Hardware programmers don't use Macs. Designers and musicians use Macs. And honestly? The quality looks just like everything else on YouTube that was recorded with a "webcam". It's not bad, it's just not crisp, artsy quality.

If you want that kind of quality you're going to have to get a more expensive camera. Unfortunately you've experienced what many other Mac users experience - Rotten Stepchild Syndrome. It's where a company will write half-ass buggy drivers or software if, at all for the Mac because "who cares, no one uses them". It's not because "musicians and artists" use Macs and "programmers use Windows". That's an obsolete stereotype from 15 years ago. Its because the company who made your product cut corners on development because they don't take the Mac market seriously.

Look at the open source Macam project , their driver may work better with your camera but it won't handle all the special features. Frank With any product I'm acquire, I'm sure to intensely explore its good and its bad and what's between. Some people may have higher relative thresholds due to their overall experience — if you've used a RED, of course Flip Mino HD doesn't compare. I'm very fond of my Logitech X speakers. Kym You've missed the point and your generalizations aren't useful. As I mentioned, the still image quality is just fine for a webcam. The choppy framerate isn't, especially when its even-cheaper Windows sibling does fine.

I think that's deceptive. I did try Macam with the and read their compatibility chart — alas, the Vision Pro fares no better. But thanks! I found this out on accident. My daughter's friend brought her MacBook to the house to spend the night. She wanted to have a videochat with her mom or something and her camera isight stopped working.

She had it in her bag and her book broke it or something.


Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro – Review

It was a USB camera so I plugged it in. It just worked. Just as crisp as it is on my Vista machine. She claims the Live Cam works just as well, but I never saw the iSight. They may work. Tho it saddens me to see you sad, Torley, still this is an excellent review that demonstrates just exactly what is wrong with the product. Considering that I am researching I do that too, sometimes too deep webcams as we speak for a project a year from now, this review helps me a lot to stay away from this one for sure.

Thanks again! What I would do is send this webcam back for a refund, put your video review on a disc and send it along. Maybe they'll put you on their Mac Beta testing for webcams since you are one of the most knowledgeable users I know of. Anything video I think Ask Torley. Of course in hindsight I love my setup, I could never sit at a desk to surf the web but using a huge widescreen TV poses some problems.

Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac Specs - CNET

The resoloution is never right, what the TV needs to be set at to keep the picture focused always conflicts with the recomended display websites suggest you use Next is displaying the yahoo homespage makes the fonts and content pretty tiny and I prefer to sit halfway across the room on the couch so I have learned to enlarge the display down in the right corner but never fails I have to eenlarge and decrease most pages and now my windows open in half sizes and so on. In the end, I have somehow with no idea what I was doing set up a to die for homes theater PC.

In 6 months the PC crashed and I learned Sony no longer made towers so replacing mine was n ot an option. The last thing I was going to try was a new computer with my current setup. Sometimes unless you have to buy the newer better product you should stick with the one thats been dependable and save time and money.

Very informing and compete review. Thanks for the time. I was actually able to capture pretty decent not great footage through Quicktime Player Pro very smooth framerate at x supposedly, quite a bit smoother than your posted sample. At these settings, I obtained around fps on my muscled mac pro, but the audio kept up at the very least and did not skip. I agree with all your points. I tried using the cam with a MacBook Pro reasons -- better optics, better resolution, mobility and it sucks.

No software, no control. I tried modifying the QuickTime components in the System Library -- not difficult but still risky. No luck. I have the "made for Mac" webcam.

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There are no controls for it. It goes dark from time to time. When I unplug it, it goes back to normal. I can't believe Logitech doesn't have a program to control this product for people on a MAC when it say "Designed for Mac" on the box. What I don't understand is why Skype seems to be able to handle the camera correctly.

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I did a video chat with a friend the other day and he confirmed that the video was very smooth. But with QT Pro or Photo Booth, video is jerky, delayed and the preview window is zoomed in for whatever reason. I have also experienced this same disappointment with the QuickCam Vision Pro. Mostly because I am a musician and I want to record HD videos for youtube.

Supposedly this can record p

logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications Logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications
logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications Logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications
logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications Logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications
logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications Logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications
logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications Logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications
logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications Logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications
logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications Logitech quickcam vision pro for mac specifications

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