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Anna, if you understand the problem sufficiently well to be able to state it down a phone line to a tech support person — well, you do not need that tech support person. They know no more than you. Try uninstalling every signal shred of HP anything; reboot, switch on printer, plug printer in to Mac. All should be well. Macs are nice BTW but terribly silly. As a professional electronics engineer I always found that by the time I understood the problem enough to talk to the manufacturers engineers it was pointless as I then knew more than they did.

It turns out it is a known problem, but despite numerous emails and phone calls over several months they never did anything about it. The model you are using has wireless support WiFi. The following link may be usefull for you. Sadly, this kind of enforced obsolescence is all too common place when it comes to low cost consumer peripherals and has been an issue for at least the last 10 years — and HP is by no means the worst offender. It started, originally, with cheap flat-bed scanners but quickly migrated into the bottom-end printer market and its pretty much the same scam every time.

I would concur with other comments on here. HP Laserjet drivers are very standard across models. However a network attached HP printer is normally super simple to get working.

HP scanner not working with Mountain Lion

The model you are using, in theory, has wireless support. So if you update the settings on the printer to connect to your wi-fi you should then be able to either print direct workout needing a driver, or force a HP driver to install because it can see the printer on the network.

To configure the printer to use wireless you need to install the driver first which you cant! A lovely catch If you still have your old PC connect it to the printer and configure wireless for your network, or ask a friend to come round with a supported PC windows? My HP printer has Bonjour enabled by default, and I assume the same is true with your printer.

Might I suggest you buy yourself a spare hard drive and install Linux on it and give that a go? Software is free, and works very well.

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Secondly, read all the reviews for the pen. Hi Anna. I have to turn on the Mac, wait for it to boot, then attach the USB printer lead after powering up the printer. It then recognises the printer and all is well. Sometimes,you have to attach the printer before loading the application you want to print from. Sometimes unplugging the printer from the USB port, waiting a few seconds and then plugging it back in again clears the problem. Do let me know how you get on!

No expert, but Mac-printer communications are simultaneously much easier and much harder than under Windows. I bought a Macbook to replace my ancient Windows laptop and I really did not expect my old printer to work with the new machine.

How To Download, Prepare for, and Install OS X Mountain Lion

I downloaded drivers and updates and lord-knows-what for the printer in anticipation of it being a ball-ache. HP is notorious for its after sales care! As for a colour laser printer, too many peripherals have to replaced over time. Epson toner prices are reasonable and you can get good generic toners that are very cheap and the Epsons have never given me any problems. I was a little suspicious that the Minolta was listed as colour, where the HP was monochrome.

I gave up on Apple years ago because of their controlling and proprietry attitude.

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 driver download

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      Make sure your Mac has enough hard drive space

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      Installing Mountain Lion: What you need to know

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      Steps to download the HP printer drivers for Mac El Capitan

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      How to Install Lexmark Printer Drivers on a Macintosh Operating System
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